10-03-17: In order to prepare for the imminent publishing of a version of our ongoing project we have launched Please check in and sign up for any updates.

09-18-17: We've launched a new responsive website that concentrates on showing the painted work at, currently without the additional layer of "virtual gallery" this sight has historically curated with. We are continuing our legacy of experimenting with the experience of art in immersive spaces and will keep you posted on newer virtual reality expeditions like the Vision Machine below.

05-06-17: Better late than never, our 18th annual calendar folly Quarters is up under photography and at If you would like to receive the printed copy that we send annually during the Holidays or receive our occasional newsletter please email us!

01-07-16: Our 17th annual calendar folly Vision Machine is up under photography and at This year's folly takes the form of an immersive 360 experience best viewed with a device like Google Cardboard or Gear VR.

01-05-15:Mediator Mandala, our 16th annual calendar folly, is up under photography. Overlapping the unconscious in a cosmic dance, this lens and mediator of personality and perception projects and reflects the inside out.

01-06-14: The online version of the 15th annual limited edition printed calendar is up under photography. The 2014 photo-essay / folly Ouroboros Expanding keeps growing as we swim from the older parts of our past beliefs to the edges of our expanding consciousness. The unfolding armature pairs photographs that explore rhythms of decay and re-birth.

01-03-13: The 2013 photo-essay / folly calendar is up under photography. This year, we use Higgs' Mirror to reflect on devices that are isomorphic to our inner and outer cosmos. It is the online version of the 14th annual limited edition printed calendar. Each year, they provoke different aspects of creative awareness. Last year, we explored the space inside of Plato's Caves.

03-12-11: We have recently had the pleasure of exhibiting a selection of work with the the Affinity Gallery in Long Beach which includes pieces like "Illusion of Information" which are meditations on our relationship with the metaphysics of visual phenomena.

02-13-11: We are pleased to anounce an opening reception with the Lark Gallery in Yorba Linda that includes "Torn Calabi-Yau" and other pieces that explore the relationship between our understanding of space and time.

01-05-11: We are proud to announce a new virtual gallery under the oil painting category! Labyrinths houses oil paintings from 2007 to 2010. This years photo-essay-folly is its datum in form and spirit.

01-04-11: The 2011 photo-essay folly calendar is up under photography! This year, we walk along the Minimal Surface, Maximal Space space folly to reflect on time. This is the 12th annual edition and for the first time, it is also available for purchase.

06-07-10: We've added a selection of new work to the Studio Vass site under Portfolio II.

02-27-10: In case you didn't make it to the opening or wanted to visit again, please join us Saturday, March 6th from 5 to 9pm for a closing reception for Thoughts on the Surface at the IDA, located at 8440 Warner Drive, Culver City, CA 90232.

01-07-10: The photo-essay folly / calendar for 2010 is up under photography. This year, we observe the Perspectator using his device of choice to explore the question of why what we see is often so convincing.

12-07-10: Due to a succesful opening for Thoughts on the Surface at the new IDA gallery, the show has been extended. We will notify you of a closing date when it becomes available.

11-13-09: Please join us Friday, November 13th from 5 to 9 pm for the opening of Thoughts on the Surface at the new IDA gallery, located at 8440 Warner Drive, Culver City, CA 90232. The show will run through december 4th.

06-12-09: I'm pleased to announce that Studio Vass is rounding out its third incorporated year this summer.

02-02-09: Morongo's spiraling torus feature, which I designed for Jerde a few years back, was featured in Toyota's Venza ad during Super Bowl 43 yesterday. This is a good example of the virtual turning visceral and going back again, into media. This dynamic porte-cochere (marketed as a "desert bloom") was previously featured in Nicolas Cage's 2007 film "Next" and also on the Mercedes Benz website. You can see more about the form at under Feature Design and Portfolio 1.

01-14-09: Images of 2009's photo-essay calender, Tracing Shadows, is up under photography.

07-04-08: We're excited to announce that Studio Vass has physically moved to a new location. We look forward to nurturing our new mental barnyard in these new digs.

01-08-08: The photo-essay folly / calendar for 2008 is up under photography. This year, Fear in the Ruff tries to reasure the acrophobic through its exploration of relevent oppositions.

03-28-07: We are proud to announce a new virtual gallery opening! The Confluence Studio and Galleries Complex is up under the oil painting category. It contains a selection of oil paintings from 2005 to 2007, many of which have alternate origins. We are particularly excited about this virtual structure because it effectively harnesses many of our design ideals while reflecting some of the motivation behind what it displays.

01-11-07: Images of this years calendar / photo essay, archimedean reflections , is up under photography.

11-30-06: This years photo-essay folly/calendar "Archimedean Reflections" is in the can. It uses Gregg Fleishman's geometric investigations as a design generator ( The folly will be up on this website early next year.

Russel Standish has published a very interesting book called "The Theory of Nothing" which contains a few of my interpretive designs for Borge's "Library of Babel" (

Studio Vass is going strong in its first year of incorporation (

07-31-06: While the website will continue to evolve, Studio Vass is officially open for business. I revised the main page of as well.

07-07-06: My professional services website is now under construction. It can be found at This site will always remain the main portal to new work and ideas. The studiovass site will try to explain how this Art, Design and Digital Synergy fits into the professional world.

06-17-06: I was feeling a bit nostolgiac, so I put up a few old non-digital university projects in the Morphoneum .

03-26-06: The short "Rabbits" is up under film\2003 after premiering at "The Other Venice Film Festival" to a receptive crowd.

02-11-06: My 7 minute experimental short film Rabbits has been selected to be screened at the 2006 "The Other Venice Film Festival" at 3:00pm on Saturday, March 18th.

01-14-06: Images of this years limited edition calendar skin deep is up under photography.

01-11-06: Happy New Year! The artwork for the new original electronic music CD from PFM is up under the music section of this site. The CD, PFM r2, was released in December 2005.

09-23-05: The Digital Arts section has been revamped. It now also contains new sections containing some relevant concepts, "inspirational" quotes, information and free downloads concerning 3D design.

06-11-05: The new oil painting gallery is open! The Light Box is a simple yet evocative frame for the work inside. Be sure to check out the alternate scheme. There is also a new painting process animation (wmv) for Light Roots, accessible through clicking on the painting.

03-10-05: A quick 20 second animation of the design process for the WTC Memorial Competion is up. It provides a peripheral glimpse into my 3D design process.

01-07-05: This years calendar / photo essay, platonic insect trap, is up under photography.

01-06-05: Happy new year! The video for a new and as yet unreleased PFM tune is up under film/2003-2004.

08-10-04: The private show and second public show this last Sunday at IDA had another great turn out. Piggy-backing on Cartel's Billy Al Baxton show, we had some good people looking around, including Robert Graham, Frank Gehry and Terri Garr.

07-11-04: Synesthesia Gallery opening at IDA had a great turn out. Thanks to all who helped and where there. It was a blast. BTW, the artist's statement is revised under oil painting.

07-06-04: Synesthesia: Gallery opening at IDA of selected oil paintings. Saturday July 10th. 2004, 7 to 11 P.M. 310 Washington Blvd. Suite 118, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. Email me for details, invitation and map.

06-24-04: A few new notes on abstraction and scale are available under digital arts.

03-23-04: The Musum Shop is now officially open. It is powered by PayPal. You can use a credit card to purchase prints and cd's. The printed offerings will continue to evolve.

01-31-04: New oil painting gallery opening!!! The Hyperslice contains selected work from 2002 to 2003. Please stop by and have a look.

12-17-03: All of the content from the previous website version is up!!! As always, it will continue to evolve (and has been since 1998). The most extensive work and galleries can be seen under oil painting, followed by photography and architectural design. The other areas will develop as time permits. You can still visit the old site (which is not being updated) temporarily by clicking here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

12-15-03: Welcome to our new online interface. It requires flash 4 or greater. Please let the plugin load if you don't already have it. If you still don't see the Venn diagram launchpad, use the html links on the bottom of the home page or click here to download flash yourself. The main page can be accessed from each discipline's home page on the top right. Thanks for visiting!

Our on-line Virtual Museum project was started in 1998. The virtual context questions our visceral relationship to the work. At the moment, all oil paintings are to scale within their virtual environments. These explorations expose the visceral experiment of life which echoes the miniturized virtual experiments our culture has undertaken.