The Virtual Museum Complex Archaeology

Our original online Virtual Museum project was started in 1998. Twenty years later, we decided to demolish its main interface to simplify access to our core content. This site was intended to show the idea and application of a holistic creative process. Its previous main interface, shown below, suggests that all aesthetic pursuits can draw from each other in a synergistic form of pattern formation and that the digital world serves to enhance these connections.

As seen on its current home page, in addition to pointers to more current excursions, we have maintained only two main components of the museum. In the painting galleries oil on canvas or panel are shown to scale within their virtual environments. The photography galleries show work at fictional scales. It had also evolved into a space where annual follies and essays are collected and whose content influences our current exploratory project Dressing Shadows. The content under architectural design and visualization was supplanted when we formed Studio Vass in 2006. Some of the content under music and mixed media is now available on YouTube and Vimeo.

When a physical work of art is shown in the virtual context it brings into question our visceral relationship to the work or thing. These fictional structures showcase various methods of 3D design and display. We now continue to use this virtual design-build experience for real and Virtual Reality environments and experiences. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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