Introduction to the Virtual Museum Complex

This site showcases the idea and application of a holistic creative process. As the main interface suggests, all aesthetic pursuits draw from each other in a synergistic form of pattern formation. The digital world serves to enhance these connections.

Most of the work is housed inside of virtual galleries. These fictional structures showcase various methods of 3D digital design and experiment with the online experience. Influences from the author Jorge Luis Borges are evident in the labyrinthine interface and in the concepts surrounding the virtual experience itself. The aesthetic of collection, categorization and framing can be traced to the spirit behind the films of Peter Greenaway. There are many other influences for both the work and the interface, which is a testament to the nature of art itself. It endemically seeks innovation while building on the work of other pioneers throughout history. It is this link to the past which enables art’s heightened sense of presence (partaking in the Zeitgeist), and permits it to influence the future in a more primal way than even science.

In Oil Painting, we find the most elaborate galleries of the site. They house paintings from various stages of my career. Some of the galleries are more detailed than others and vary in their experience and interface. Photography mainly contains follies housing straight photographs in loose essay form, which were originally created for annual limited edition calendars. While all the galleries in this site are themselves a showcase for tectonic experimentation, Architectural Design displays work that is in the "actual" world or has attempted to be so, and its more current version resides at The subsets of Film, Visualization and Music contain work that draws from and influences the other sets, while Digital Arts ties these worlds together.

You can purchase reproductions of any work in our Museum Shop, the interface and execution of which is still being refined. If you decide to download any of the low resolution images of the paintings or galleries in the site and use them for personal graphic content, I would appreciate it if you name the artist in its display and acknowledge its origin. For details on acquiring rights for their use for commercial endeavors please contact us. Any links to this site would also be appreciated. If you have any questions or comments regarding the artwork or the site please don't hesitate to contact me.

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